Lacrosse Trophies

As the official supplier for the Ontario Lacrosse Association we are able to provide variety of designs and styles to meet any and all of your lacrosse award needs or you may choose to customize your own lacrosse trophy or award.

Another get job on the trophies and custom made medallions this year.

I have been buying awards for lacrosse for many years and Wilson Trophy has the best selection of any place around. But the custom made medallions with different colours for all the age group is the icing on the cake! Great Job!

Halton Hills Lacrosse

We can make any and all lacrosse awards you could ever need, no matter the skill level or age group.

We have the experience and attention to detail at Wilson Trophy to build your lacrosse trophies to your exact specifications. Trophies help us remember our accomplishments, where we’ve been and the experiences that we have had.

Make your lacrosse event truly memorable with our high quality lacrosse trophies and awards.

Designing your trophy can help you brand your event, and make it especially memorable for all involved. Show your appreciation for your sponsors, volunteers, coaches or players with a commemorative plaque recognizing all the hard work they have put in.

Traditonal Lacrosse Trophies & Awards


• We make all trophies to order in our factory
• Largest selection of sport figurines to choose from
• Your choice of marble & column colour

We pride ourselves on our strong customer service relationships and will treat you well regardless of the size of your order. Whether you need a few medals for a small event or something a little more high profile we have the skills and resources to make that happen for you.

Building High Quality Products doesn’t mean a high price.

We offer reasonable rates and bundles to fit any budget. Choose from a wide variety of materials and styles.

We build plaques, trophies, cups, medals, and anything else you could possibly need to commemorate your lacrosse event.

We offer awards for champions, finalists, or participants for your team, league or tournament.

Get exactly what you need to make your lacrosse event memorable with Wilson Trophy.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our products with a full workmanship warranty on everything that we build. We build our lacrosse trophies and awards to last. We also realize that you need your trophies ready on time and to your exact specifications.

We guarantee that you will have your lacrosse trophies ready when you need them and built exactly how you desire.



• From inexpensive to solid wood bases
• Gold and Silver Cups
• Large Selection of Shields