Award Programs

Corporate awards have a profound way of making employees feel appreciated!

Let your employees know they are doing a great job and you recognize their contribution to your company and its success! Wilson Trophy has a wide variety of corporate awards from small appreciation awards to lavish years of service awards.

Another tried and true presentation product is our trophy plaques, these stunning plaques will show your recipients that their dedication to your company has been noticed. These award plaques come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials and as always the Wilson Trophy team is ready to help select and customize your award around your vision and specific needs.

Setting up your program

Starting Setup Details

  • What is the award, trophy, plaque, etc being given?
  • How many times will it be distributed throughout the year?
  • Any specified budget?
  • What logo, text, layout font will be required?

Organizing your award program is another one of our specialties

We are able to produce and distribute your awards, all we need is the details, and we can ship directly to your head office, stores or individual employees.

Wilson Trophy receives great cartage rates throughout North America – a savings we pass along to our customers making it easy to set up monthly programs. Whether you want to acknowledge a certain employee or sales team, we can arrange for certain awards to be made and delivered by your desired due date.


  • Will all the awards be the same or will they differ by text (i.e. Recipients)
  • Customer approval of specified dates
  • Approval of artwork and proof of final products being made

For any other questions or you would like to get started right away, please contact us at 1-800-387-3138